Rori Sloane Montali
Ph: 917-450-1890

Why Rori?

Rori is a certified Reiki master, with 20 years experience in physical education, who has been well trained in multiple disciplines. Rori has found her purpose in life ... to help people get to a place they have always dreamed of being.

Inside and outside. When you meet Rori, you will feel like you have known her forever and feel extremely safe and comfortable. She travels all over the world always looking to reach out and help someone in need. Rori meditates and self heals on a daily basis so she can stay in the light.

What to expect from a Reiki Session?

When Rori's clients comes see her at one of her many locations, they can expect soft mediation music in the background, candles lit and lemon sage oil burning and a new experience every time they see me.

Before, The hour long session begins Rori starts her clients with breathing exercise and leads them into a guided meditation that ends with sounds that I create using Mediation singing bowls. The sounds bring you into a meditative state of calmness before I proceed the healing.

What is Reiki?